Banico Gas Solenoid Valves


Banico Controls is a leading UK manufacturer of Class A EN161 gas solenoid valves to British and European standards. Products include the popular ZEV range of gas valves including automatic gas valves, manual reset gas valves, valves with visual indicators and slow opening valves with lights all available with BSP or flanged connections. In addition, they offer closed position indication switches, interlocking system packs and gas detection sensors as well as spare coils and accessories for the gas solenoid valves. 

Banico was established in 1988 and their vast technical experience offers solutions for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, automation and process industries. They offer an industry leading 2 year warranty on their products, demonstrating their confidence in their quality and design. Customised products are also available upon request, in addition to the standard products available.

For more information about the range of Banico Controls gas solenoid valves and accessories offered by Zoedale Ltd, or if you don't see what you require on our website, please contact a member of our technical team on 01234 832 832 or and we will be happy to help you place your order.

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