Brewery Valves Case Study

At Zoedale we supply many industries and Brewing is one of our areas of focus. We have supplied valves and actuators to breweries of all sizes from 1 barrel craft breweries up to the big multinationals.

This case study looks at Northamptonshire based craft brewery Maule Brewing and how the hygienic butterfly valves we sold them help their brewing process. The guys at Maule Brewing gave us this statement about the valves:

"The valves play an important role in our process and production by ultimately giving us more control of our time and temperature. We can now control our mash in and sparge temperatures and volumes with complete accuracy to help us to hit our brewing targets and extract the most from our high quality ingredients. Movement of our liquor from tank to tank has been made easier with ultimate flow control. At the other end of the brewhouse we have control over our temperatures and flow for an accurate temperature for pitching our yeast into the fermentation vessels. Overall the more accuracy we can have over the process the more consistency, quality and flavour we can get into our beers! the valves have no doubt helped us do that."

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