Zoedale is proud to have a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - we feel it's important for both our society and to allow the staff to get involved in areas they may not otherwise have had time to do.

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ever increasing, and with good reason too. Every individual and every organisation has a responsibility to support society and the environment. CSR isn't going to change the world on its own, however it can go a small way to supporting society, sustainability and the environment.

At Zoedale, every staff member is allocated an additional 2 days of leave to take whilst carrying out a form of voluntary work. It doesn't have to be local, although that is often the case. So far in the last 12 months, Zoedale staff have volunteered with:

Soupfest - Staff members volunteered at Soupfest in Bedford where funds raised are distributed around homeless charities in the area. Staff helped served the soup with a smile! The next Soupfest will be on Tuesday 27th November 2018 in Bedford's Harpur Square.

Reactiv8 - An alternative education provider who specialise in reactiv8ing people back into education, employment and training. Phil and Tim from Zoedale got involved at a local upper school where they carried out mentoring with students who were at risk of becoming disengaged and helped them see a focus beyond school. Both had to undergo training and certification in order to do this well and both spent many hours supporting students face to face as well as researching "behind the scenes" to ensure they were giving the best support and advice possible.

Zoedale Corporate Social Responsibility - Reactiv8 certification

Athetics IAAF World Indoor Championships 2018 in Birmingham - General Manager Andrew travelled up to Birmingham to volunteer at the World Indoor Championships for "clean athletics". He supported the process of the sample collection procedure which involved chaperoning the athletes for their toxicology screenings. He enjoyed it so much he did it for 5 days in the end!

YMCA Bedfordshire - Warehouse Manager Jezz had 31 wooden pallets lying around, so rather than throwing them out, contacted the YMCA to see if they could help with the ex-offender training schemes or those trying to learn new skills. The pallets were gratefully received to support the various training initiatives in place.

Kings Arms Project - Office Administrator Lisa regularly volunteers at the Kings Arms Project on Friday evenings, which supports homeless and disadvantaged individuals whilst also ensuring they get a hot meal at least, along with an ear to listen. This charity has been running for more than 26 years and is a hugely successful charity in offering outreach, accommodation and opportunity for the homeless in Bedford.

If you have an questions about our Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) policies, staff volunteer days or even if you're an organisation that are open to volunteering days then please get in touch with us via the phone on 01234 832832 or email us at enquiries@zoedale.co.uk or via our contact form.