At Zoedale we are lovers of Craft Beer, we also supply valves to the beer and brewing industry so I did not complain when given the opportunity to attend Indy Man Beer Con 2014. (Independent Manchester Beer Convention). The event was held in the historic Manchester Victoria Baths, an amazing space just as interesting as the beers on offer.

For 4 days Indy Man Beer Con took over 5 rooms at the Victoria Baths showcasing beers from 47 brewers and 80 different taps with the empty swimming pools acting as main rooms. I attended the 11am to 4pm session on the Friday: We arrived on the dot of 11am and, after a very short wait, we were inside and given our free 1/3 pint tasting glass branded by BrewDog. Considering the strength of some of the beers and the fact we were in for 5 hours a 1/3 glass was ideal and enabled us to taste far more beer than with a half pint glass.


It goes without saying that there will be ample beers at a beer festival but the food is often overlooked. Not so at Indy Man Beer Con, there were gourmet hot dogs, burgers from Almost Famous, Mexican street food, The Manchester Pie company and even an outdoor wood fired Pizza stall! The outdoor area was ideal for the sunny day we were blessed with and even featured a BrewDog truck


Beers we rated highly on the day:

Gamma Ray from Beavertown Brewery
Pale from Squawk Brewing Company
Kowabunga by Cromarty Brewing
Sourdough Wild Ale by Almanac Beer Co.
Simcoe Burst by Alchemy Brewing
Black Betty from Beavertown Brewery

As far as Beer events go, this one was very relaxed, lots of places to sit and talk, never a queue for the bar and full of friendly beer enthusiasts. We will definitely return next year!