Zoedale are pleased to announce that we have added Flamefast gas safety products such as Gas Proving, Gas Detection and CO2 Monitoring systems to our range...

These products - which are also available to purchase online - will enable our customers to install systems complying with the latest Institute for Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) requirements for both commercial and educational premises.

The Flamefast range of UK manufactured systems have been selected for their high quality, intuitive displays and ease of operation for applications including boiler / plant rooms, commercial kitchens and laboratory / food technology / workshop locations in educational establishments.

flamefast gas safety gas sensor - zoedale ltd - suppliers of valves, actuators and flow control equipment

flamefast gas safety serviceguard - zoedale ltd - suppliers of valves, actuators and flow control equipment

The products available are summarised below. More detailed descriptions can be found on the relevant products pages of the Zoedale website:

Ventguard - a cost effective BS6173:2009 and IGEM/UP/19 compliant interlock (also available with built in fan current monitors). Clear LED indication and simple user interface make it ideal or any commercial kitchen. No commissioning required. Built in time delays to avoid nuisance tripping.

GasMonitor - low cost, high specification 16 channel gas detection system for use with Flamefast gas sensors. Fire alarm test bypass timer. Auto-reset following power failure.

GasGuard - gas proving and interlock system designed  to meet the require ments of IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 for educational establishments and BS6173:2009 and IGEM/19 compliant ventilation interlock. For when appliances are not fitted with flame failure devices or for extra peace of mind when they are.

ServiceGuard - combined gas proving and services isolation system meeting IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 requirements for gas safety and provides complete control for the water and electricity supplies with the ability to for each service to be turned on or off individually.

BoilerGuard - low cost plant room safety system providing a central interface with clear LCD indication for all common safety systems such as fire alarms, thermal links and gas sensors.

CO2 / Air Quality Monitoring - a comprehensive range of CO2, Temperature & Relative Humidity Monitors and transmitters with an emphasis on Quality UK Manufacturing.

Ancillaries - Including air differential pressure switches, fan current monitors, thermal fusible links and remote emergency stop buttons.

We also have a great product selector guide which can help you choose the relevant products required and simplifies the quite often over complicated legislation. With guidance given for each of the three main applications, selecting the right system is easy and straight forward.

Flamefast Gas Safety Product Selection Guide - Zoedale Ltd Suppliers of Valves Actuators and Flow Control Equipment

The Flamefast Gas Safety systems have been added to our range as a result of the popularity of the Banico gas valve products with our customers since their launch earlier this year and we announced in a previous blog post.

Banico automatic gas solenoid valve en161 - Zoedale Ltd

Further details on the range can be viewed on our website or contact us here with your direct enquiry and one of our gas-specific engineers will discuss your requirements with you.