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  • Anaerobic Digestion Deployment

    This Guest Blog is by Lucy Hopwood, Head of Biomass and Biogas at leading international Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC and looks at the UK AD market trends

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  • Solenoid Valve Maintenance Tips

    A Solenoid valve is very reliable but sometimes problems can occur with internal leaks or valves not closing properly. Often these problems are simply caused by debris or sediment lodged inside the valve. To inspect your solenoid valve we recommend these steps:

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  • Free Beer in August

    At Zoedale we supply valves and actuators  & solenoid valves to the brewing industry. We're also massive fans of Craft Beer and will be giving away free beer in the month of August!

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  • SIL Approved Electric Actuators

    Zoedale is the UK value added reseller (VAR) of Bernard high quality electric actuators and can now announce that these actuators can be compliant in a SIL safety system.

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  • Solenoid Valves and Chilli Heat Chart

    At Zoedale we have been stocking solenoid valves since 1976 and seen them used in numerous different applications. One of these is the irrigation system at a local Chilli Farm where we specified the SIrai L133 Solenoid Valves, perfect for the job as they operate with zero differential pressure. On the theme of Chillies we designed this infographic showing different chillies and how hot they are:

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  • BrewDog Punk AGM 2014 - A Review

    Zoedale has been supplying the brewing industry with valves and flow control equipment for many years. This is our review of the BrewDog AGM that took place in Aberdeen

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  • The UK Craft Beer Market and our Favourite Brews

    We have been supplying the UK Brewing Industry for many years but 2013 saw a huge rise in demand from breweries of a different kind. The Craft Beer revolution started with the introduction of Small Brewers' Tax Relief in 2002 and has grown steadily ever since. According to Mintel, 13 Million Brits (25% of the population) said they had consumed Craft Beer over the past six months and the popularity is spreading with supermarkets like Tesco & Morrisons stocking affordable ranges.

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  • Medium Term Growth Forecast for Global Oil and Gas Production

    This is a Guest Blog written by Matt Cook from energy business advisors Douglas Westwood

    After several years of gains driven by buoyant oil and gas prices, production took a hit in 2009 as the 2008 recession saw the price boom bubble burst. Global hydrocarbon production now looks to a bright future and is set for 16% growth from 2013 to 2020.

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  • Actuators & Valves - Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance of Actuators and Valves is a hot topic as organisations look to maximise the lifespan of products and minimise down time. For those unfamiliar with this concept, Preventative Maintenance is defined as a fundamental, planned maintenance activity designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity. It can be compared to the routine servicing of a car where the costs can far outweigh the expense associated with not being able to use the vehicle for a period of time.

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  • BVAA Spring Conference - A Review

    As a Board Member and active participant within The BVAA (British Valve and Actuator Association) I wanted to write about my experience at the recent Spring Conference that took place at the Celtic Manor resort.

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