Imagine this; you’ve just bought a stunning new Ferrari (I’m sure it’s not hard to). It’s sitting on your drive, looking, sounding and smelling faultless. You’d want your pride and joy to be checked over every now and again, just to make sure its running as smooth as ever. Right?

The support you get after buying a product is just as important as buying the thing itself!

Here at Zoedale, we don’t just sell valves and
actuated products, we service, repair and commission them – even if you didn’t buy them from us in the first place.

Even though an actuator or a valve isn’t as flashy as a Ferrari (we’re working on it), we firmly believe that the same principle applies. It is crucial that your valves are often regulated to produce the best results for your company; you want to avoid down time as much as possible and keep them working at a high standard. It may be that just one expert maintenance check could prevent a major future breakdown!

That’s why we work by the ‘prevention is better than cure’ principle. Our maintenance contract is the perfect solution to prevent possible down time, and it gives you and your company confidence that your system is working like clockwork.

When scheduled, our friendly service engineers will head over and review your valves and actuators, carrying out a detailed report with our reliable checklist. Minor tweaks can be made on sight, resolving the problem ASAP, and if bigger issues arise we can arrange immediate follow up action.

Our reliable SAP software system manages the service contracts and log service calls. The next plan is for all our engineers to use a mobile device to manage diaries, receive service calls and upload site reports to SAP when out on the road, making it even easier to service your valves.

Our highly-trained team comprises of mechanical and electrical engineers who maintain and repair electric actuators of all ages to a professional standard. Our Warehouse Team are fully trained to understand our entire stock of valves, and get involved with work such as assembling solenoid valves and actuated valve packages. The knowledge our entire team holds will give you peace of mind that you are receiving expert care throughout your experience with Zoedale.

But our expertise doesn’t end there. We offer full demonstrations and evaluations of all our valves and actuators, giving you knowledge which may save you money in the long run. We can also give your on-site staff the basic understanding of how to set up and trouble-shoot any actuator or valve themselves, hopefully preventing any minor disruptions or delays in the future.

It’s key to think long term with your valves. When were they last evaluated? Are you unsure of the condition of your current system? If you want reassurance that your system is up to scratch, why not let us have a look at extending the life of your current actuator with our maintenance service?