Omal is pleased to launch its latest new product: The Pro-Chemie 60 – a stainless steel flanged ball valve series designed for the chemical industry.

After many months of research and testing, Omal is pleased to launch its latest new ball valve product: The Pro-Chemie 60 – A stainless steel flanged ball valve series designed for the chemical industry.

Pro-Chemie 60 Ball Valve

The name “Pro-Chemie 60” wants to highlight that this PROfessional valve is dedicated to CHEMIcal applications and can reach 60,000 cycles with no fugitive emissions.

The Pro-Chemie 60 can be chosen as a manual option or automated (using OMAL scotch-yoke actuators) and is also available with SIL3  / ATEX certificates. They are available from DN15 – DN150 in short (F4 Face To Face) or long pattern (F1 Face to Face) in pressure ranging PN16-40 (EN 1092-1) with double acting or spring return. A version with handwheel is available.

Pro-Chemie 60 Spring Return Ball Valve

The new stainless steel ball valves have, as standard, an antistatic device (EN 12662-2) and are firesafe certified (ISO10497 / API607). All components are stainless steel. It is available with soft seats in PTFE + glass as standard with other options available on request such as TFM1600, PTFE + graphite or PEEK.

To reach the 60,000 cycles on TA-LUFT test VDI2440 condition, further improvements on the solid sealing foundations of the popular Magnum & Thor ball valve series have been made. The V-packing sealing geometry of Magnum and Thor have been kept in the design, but the material of the Pro-Chemie 60 is formed by 2 PEEK sections contained in-between 1 Devlon section. The new and most important feature of the Pro-Chemie 60 is that the seals are completely independent from the shaft rotation, to protect it from radial wear and ensure long durability keeping all sealing performance during the valve life. Due to its clever construction, upper cover, almost non-existent radial friction and low stress on the lower stem, there is no need for an O-Ring.

The chemical industry has very strict regulations. As well as valves being in compliance with AD2000 Merkblatt and PAS1085, Omal has gone one step further and incorporated an additional standard for the development of Pro-Chemie 60 – the IGR Guideline Technik 12-00042-1 (Datasheets: 19021, 19022, 19023 and 19043). One of the most important requirements is that the valve must not leak through the stem after 60.000 cycles under TA-Luft Fugitive Emission condition. This certification was achieved - including using Helium as the medium, which is a gas composed with one of the smallest molecules in the universe.

The OMAL Pro-Chemie 60 is available now. Call us on 01234 832832 or email us on for more details.

Pro-Chemie 60 Long Lever Handle Ball Valve