Valpes has integrated the new Bluetooth® Communication Module into their electric actuators to enable users to instantly control actuators with a secured connection.

With a range of up to 15 meters you can easily gain control in those hard-to-reach areas. You can also read your actuator operation records and fault codes instantly, making maintenance easier, saving time and minimizing down time.  The Bluetooth® Communication Module can even be used in submersible environments with IP68 actuator models.

Valpes Bluetooth

The Bluetooth® interface is perfect as a local control device, it also includes the Bluetooth® Smartimer Application.

Valpes Bluetooth

The Smartimer allows you to automate the opening and closing of the actuator by setting tasks, similar to setting an alarm on your mobile phone.Simple and cost effective you can assign up to 20 repeatable tasks to each individual actuator, this is great for holiday or close down periods.By using Valpes Bluetooth® Communication maintenance and Bluetooth® Smartimer Application, you will save time, money and minimize risk.

Prices start from £332 including Valpes Electric Actuator with Bluetooth® Communication Module.

The Valpes Bluetooth® application available on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets (4.3 version and above). See PDF data sheet here for more information: Valpes Bluetooth

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