Omal is a manufacturer of high quality valves and actuators. Read how they embed Sustainability and CSR into their operations:

OMAL claims to be an “Empowered Performance” provider of Valves and Actuators. Their products are known to be efficient and durable, confirming their reliability and technical qualities. However, a company reputation is not just the result of the performance of it’s products. There is something more, which Omal name “Social Innovation”. This has to do with the environmental and social impacts of the operations underpinning OMAL’s core business - How they impact on communities, what they expect from their suppliers and how they pass this on to their customers. This is the intangible value of OMAL that is offered as an added value

Since 2016:

  • Omal consider environmental sustainability investing in carbon footprint assessment (ISO 14064), international certifications (ISO 14001), best-practice platforms (Ecovadis), CO2 compensation initiatives (via ReteClima and Gold Standard/CDM);
  • They invest in social sustainability through support of the UN Global Compact Initiative , their Corporate Social Responsibility projects (2240 hours of volunteering offered to the community stakeholders) and their Responsible Supply Chain Management (VALEO / Procurement Award – prize winner 2016).

Lastly, Omal want to work with their suppliers and customers to co-create similar initiatives via cross-sectoral partnerships. This has also helped develop some profitable business relationships!

This is OMAL’s challenge: to replicate its corporate values  – passion, respect and sense of duty – with whoever they work with, outside and inside the company, as true innovation is by definition a team effort.

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