Valpes’ range of ATEX electric actuators has evolved with a new design and dimensions!

Valpes took the opportunity offered by compliance with the latest requirements of the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) for installation in potentially explosive and hazardous atmospheres.

New certifications are also achievable for new markets with EACEx (Russia) and IECEx (international) certification.

Valpes is Zoedale’s  electric actuator supplier. It’s a worldwide brand, offering a wide range of electric actuators including quarter-turn, multi-turn and part-turn.

Let’s look at Valpes’ existing range of ATEX electric actuators, plus the added features and dimensions of the new design.

ATEX electric actuators

An electric actuator allows a valve to be adjusted remotely, or large valves to be operated rapidly. They play a major part in automating process control. 

ATEX-rated electric actuators are suitable for any potentially explosive or hazardous environment and any application requiring aluminium housing.

Application examples include technical building, construction equipment, valve control, damper control and in the gas and oil industries.

Valpes’ existing ATEX VR, VS, VRX, VTX and VSX electric actuators

So, what does the original range consist of?

The VRX, VSX & VTX are IP68 rated, ATEX certified quarter-turn electric actuators with aluminium housing and cover.

The VS is an IP68 rated, failsafe, quarter-turn electric actuator with aluminium housing and polyamide (meets UL94V0 standards) or aluminium cover.

The VR is also an IP68 rated, quarter-turn electric actuator with aluminium or polyamide housing.

Both the VS and VR include a Bluetooth communication module.

New design

Valpes have taken the opportunity to redesign the casings of the VR, VS, VRX and VSX  electric actuator ranges.

This new design has the following features:

Enlarged identification plates

The new design incorporates an area for a new, more detailed and more legible identification plate, and the number of markings have also increased.

New dimensions           

•               11mm extension of VR and VRX housings

•               15mm extension of VS and VSX housings

The dimensions of the covers remain the same.

Expanded certifications

Valpes’ ATEX electric actuators are compliant with the latest requirements of the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) for installation in potentially explosive and hazardous atmospheres.

They also meet the certification requirements for new markets: EACEx (Russia) and IECEx (international).

Valpes new design will also be used for the LT range (low temperature actuators) and the DV range (DNV-GL certified actuators). More details to come soon. Does this new design interest you? Please email or call us on 01234 832 832 to discuss how it might fit your requirements.