Here at Zoedale we strive for change! We understand that the world is constantly spinning; it is important to keep up to speed with the trends and attitudes of the industry and inspire our employees to get involved with the future of the trade. That’s why we have been participating in the BVAA’s Future Leaders Programme (FLP).


BVAA’s Future Leaders Programme (FLP)


The BVAA (British Valve and Actuator Association) is an association invested in the interest of over 200 British valve and actuator companies who aim to give these companies new business networks, management and teamwork training as well as exciting opportunities for their employees.

Partaking in the FLP, created by the BVAA, has helped inspire those who have an interest, talent, business instinct, and/or leadership qualities to think about a future career in the industry and are considering a future career within the industry. Zoedale want to keep the industry current and innovative, so it’s vital to build bridges to potential jobs for employees and keep them enthusiastic about the trade; you can always seek to improve and work towards a goal!

The programme provides 11 selected individuals from different member companies with a wider feel and vision for the industry. They meet once a month, alternating between each company, enjoying a fun programme learning about management, the industry and how to be an effective leader. They take time discussing each other roles, and after the day is done they sit down for an evening meal. Ali, an employee at Zoedale who took part in the programme, explained that this style of workshop broke the ice and made the programme something to look forward to. Ali found learning about each other’s functions within their own company “was really interesting as even though I’m not in a technical role, I got to hear from people who work in different areas of the business. I got a bigger feel for what the industry is all about”.

Ali explained that because of the programme “I am definitely more confident and I feel that I can communicate much better with my peers. I used to be quite shy about speaking up, but now I know how to voice my opinion effectively. It feels nice to have the confidence to do so! It definitely makes for a more effective business; when everyone co-operates and understands how to communicate, things run more smoothly.” The FLP members were also trained on various days by Dr Martin Haigh from Latitude 7, who worked on topics such as people engagement skills and emotionally intelligent leadership. Zoedale finds this training invaluable, as it helps keeps the company a happy and stable place to work.

And the training doesn’t stop there. This ongoing programme allows the individuals the opportunity to participate in the ILM Mentoring Programme (Institute of Leadership and Management) which concludes in November, expanding their knowledge further and gaining a higher-level certificate. We can’t wait to hear about the next stage of training, and are ecstatic to see so many young industry individuals keen to strive.