Camurri are a truly quality Italian brand. Established for over 40 years, they have been a market leader in the production of various drink and beverage machines such as tea and coffee machines, thermal and bain-marie containers, hot water and steam producers and beverage dispenser trolleys. Their more recent development has to be, for us, the most exciting - the Camurri Brauer patented brewing systems for home brew, test brews and craft brewery systems. Camurri represents everything we look for at Zoedale - quality, reliable and innovative and their "Camurri Brauer" fully patented brewing systems are now exclusively available for sale in the UK via us here at Zoedale.

These fully stainless steel "one pot" brewing systems (HLT, Mash Tun and Kettle in one unit) come in sizes 23L, 50L, 200L and 400L with separate conical bottom stainless steel fermenting vessels available to help increase your output. The Camurri Brauer brewing systems require NO PUMP and include a PLC embedded computer to help you brew accurately and consistently, have the option of having bluetooth communication (standard on the 200L and 400L models) and they come with extras like a Hop Filters, Fine Mesh Filter for Sparging, Motor-Reducer and various mixing tools to ensure you get the most from your ingredients.

View a video of the 200L Camurri Brauer brewing system below:

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