Chemical Production


Wafer Ball Valves

High quality italian made stainless steel wafer ball valves in a variety of sizes.

Air actuated chemical valve

Designed specifically for the chemical industry, these valves are corrosion resistent with no fugitive emmissions up to 60,000 cycles.

Manual ball valve

Long lever ball valves available with no fugitive emmissions to 60,000 cycles - designed specifically for the chemical industry.

Valves and Actuators for the Chemical PRODUCTION INDUSTRY

Zoedale has been supplying into the chemical production industry for most of our 40 year history. Over that time, we have developed a significant product portfolio to suit most product and application needs with ATEX, CIP, materials for aggressive media and other options we can provide a solution to almost any problem.

With the recently introduced Omal Pro-Chemie 60 series stainless steel valves specifically designed for the chemical production industry we are better placed than ever to have a solution to your requirements.

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