Coaxial Valves

Coaxial Valve, or Axial Valve, can be used as an alternative to a pneumatically actuated brass ball valve. The actuator is integrated within the valve saving on space and reducing maintenance costs. In tests, coaxial valves have used up to 80% less air compared with the more traditional alternative. Options include direct actuated and externally controlled coaxial valves in 2 way (2/2) or 3 way (3/2) in threaded or flanged ports. The co-axe valves coaxial vale options also include an electric actuation option.

Benefits of coaxial valves include:

  • Pressure balanced design / operating from 0 Bar
  • Back pressure tight
  • Maintenance free/resistant to dirt
  • Fast actuation
  • Bi-Directional operation
  • Compact size
  • Direct actuated, externally controlled or modular system
  • Spring return normally open, spring return normally closed or double acting

These valves are made to the highest quality by Omal Automation and/or Co-Ax Valves Ltd (part of the Muller co-ax ag group).

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