2 Way Normally Closed

Two Way Normally Closed Solenoid Valves from quality suppliers such as Sirai, ASCO numatics (part of the Emerson group) and Peter Paul. Many of the normally closed solenoid valves we supply are ideal for general purpose, however there are a variety of specialist solenoid valves available for more specific applications as well, such as total isolation and hot water / steam.

A two way normally closed (sometimes referred to as 2 Way NC) solenoid valve is a solenoid valve that has 2 ports and because it is "closed" it means that the media (or fluid) is isolated from flowing between the two ports. A normally closed solenoid valve is a solenoid that is closed when the valve is not energised. The valves can be direct acting or pilot operated.

Solenoid valves are used in a variety of industries including water and wastewater, film production, facilities management, food and drink, brewing and ad and biogas.

In 1910, ASCO numatics was the fist company to develop and manufacture the solenoid valve, so you can trust Zoedale in ensuring we only supply the best products for your project requirements.

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