Peter Paul Model 55 3 Way Normally Closed (Directional Control) Solenoid Valve

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The Model 55 is a 1/8" NPT 3-way directional control (diverting) stainless steel mini solenoid valve with standard Buna (NBR) seals. Various body, seal and coil options also available.

1/8" NPT Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve with orifice sizes from 1/32" to 1/8" and pressures up to 300Psi. Grommet or Conduit Coil Housing as standard with European Style DIN Coils as an option.
The standard valve has Nitrile (Buna) seals for use with Air, water, and other compatible fluids. Hot water, steam, and many oils will require special seal materials.

PeterPaul dual orifice valves in which the body orifice is closed and sleeve orifice open in the de-energized position. No flow can exist between the inlet and normally closed ports
but flow does exist between the inlet and normally open ports..

Standard Specification and Options

Body: Stainless Steel (Std.) or Brass (Opt.) or Aluminium (Opt.)

Internal Components: Stainless Steel. Copper – AC Only.

Elastomers: Nitrile (Buna) (Std.). Many other elastomers available.*

Valve Temperature Range: Standard Valves -18°C to 40°C ambient; -18°C to 65°C media.

Orifice Diameter: See download table.

Porting: Standard 1/8" and 1/4" NPT other ports available*

Housing: Grommet and 1/2" NPT conduit - many options available.*

Listings: Most valves are UL and CSA listed.*

Life Expectancy: Millions of cycles, depending on application, lubrication, etc.

Valve Weight: Grommet Valve: 0.38 lb Conduit Valve: 0.44 lb

Repair Packs: Available for most valves*

Options: Alternate Port Locations, Metering, Alternate Elastomers, Low Wattage, Spade Terminal Coil, Explosion Proof

*Consult one of the technical team for more information.

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