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Schischek electric actuators are well suited to heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and are available for safe area industrial, explosion proof and both onshore and offsore applications.

The Schischek InMax, RedMax and ExMax actuators are carefully manufactured to the highest standards with safety as the main priority.

Schischek electric actuators are available in IP66 and IP67 as both Quarter turn and linear products with optional spring failsafe, available in torques ranging from 5Nm to 150Nm Quarter turn and from 500N to 3,000N on the linear actuators.  

The Schischek electric actuator range is compact, robust and reliable. So ideally suited for the operation of fire and smoke damper valves and ventilation systems requiring precise temperature control. 

The actuator range is available with Ex-Proof Volume flow, Temperature/Humidity and Differential pressure sensors along with Fire door hold magnet systems providing the complete safety system offering. 

Schischek products are ISO 9001 & ATEX certified and safe for use in environments including gases, vapours, mists and dust. 

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