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 Can you afford to halt production?

It’s every commercial brewer’s nightmare: A seal goes on one of your valves and your product no longer stays in the vessel; or your main pump gives up and you can no longer quickly transfer your fluids from vessel to vessel. In both cases your entire operation comes to a standstill. It can still get worse: A replacement unit won’t be available for a couple of weeks; and that’s a best-case scenario! Can you afford to stop all your production operations until it arrives?

If you fail to plan for sudden failure on critical systems, you could be in for costly losses. This can be through a reduced production capacity resulting in lower sales volume until you’re back up and running, or paying over the odds for a replacement unit. This situation is less than ideal.

What can YOU do to stop this from happening? – Work with Zoedale Ltd on a Brewery Maintenance Plan

Our brewery maintenance plan means that your brewery will be operational with minimal downtime. You have the peace of mind that, if a part does fail, you won’t have to spend weeks identifying and sourcing it.

Here are a few of the steps we include in our plans:

  • - Make an inventory of all the parts on your brewery, noting manufacturer, part name, and serviceable parts.
  • - Speak with the manufacturer to understand the recommended service interval of the equipment, along with a price and lead time.
  • - Make a note of the tools you will require to fix the units, and time required to do so.
  • - Start ranking your inventory on criticality. Identifying parts which should they fail would be disastrous to your operation, to those which can wait to be fixed. As an example of a grading system you could use; A – Critical, B – Major, C – Minor, D – Non-Critical.
  • - Buy spare parts on those marked critical, so that if they were to break you have a replacement on standby. For major parts make sure your supplier has enough in stock to be delivered on a short delivery time scale. For minor parts you will need to know the expected lead time on these to make sure that resupplying these fits your schedule.
  • - Once you have this in place, you can begin to execute the plan. Check equipment at its recommended servicing interval and make repairs when needed. With your maintenance plan in hand you will have all the information at your fingertips to order replacement parts, information on tools required to make the repairs, and an estimate of the time require to make the repair to minimise brewery downtime.


Our engineers will visit your site and work with you to produce the inventory document then advise on any immediate action that needs to be taken. You are then left with the inventory list and we will work on your behalf to source any spares for one of replacements or routine maintenance. Once per year our engineers will re visit to inspect and service any parts as needed.

What does it cost? Time and Materials are chargeable, and each brewery is priced individually. A typical 5 Barrell Brewhouse would be around £600 annually. Please contact us for a no obligation quote on 01234 832832

We understand the importance our customers place on a well-planned brewery maintenance plan, that in addition to stocking and sourcing the parts you will need to perform your maintenance, we offer a service to assist your operators to produce an inventory of parts and a maintenance plan, all the way to having one of our service engineers at your site to perform a regularly scheduled service check and make repairs as needed. If you would like to know more get in touch with one of our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

What Our Customers Say:

"Working with Zoedale was absolutely worthwhile.  Being able to identify many of the parts of our brewery and list them with price and in-stock replacement options was incredibly beneficial to us.  We now can quickly sort out parts we need when an issue arises to keep the brewery up and running.  I would highly recommend utilising Zoedale's services." Jeff Jueneman, Zerodegrees Restaurant and Microbrewery, Reading.



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