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SIRAI Solenoid Valves

SIRAI has been a major manufacturer of Solenoid Valves and related products since it began to specialise in their production during the 1960s. They have a reputation for recognising the demands of the market early and providing innovative solutions that are reliable and suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

In addition to their range of compact general purpose solenoid valves, Sirai also produces valves that are designed to be used in specific roles within fluid control applications and have a number of WRAS approved solenoid valves in their range, including two and three way valves in both normally open and normally closed configurations depending on requirements.

For more compact requirements, SIRAI offer a range of micro solenoid valves. These combine the reliability of the standard models with miniaturisation to enable greater control over flow.

SIRAI Pinch Valves use a solenoid to close a tube to control flow, this makes them well suited for use in roles where contamination of materials needs to be avoided.

Also available within the SIRAI range are stainless steel solenoid valves for use in situations where corrosive materials are used.

View our Sirai Solenoid Coils which can be used to replace exisiting Sirai Solenoid Valve coils.

Zoedale Ltd is the UK agent for the sale of SIRAI solenoid valves. Established since 1976, we have a range of more than 20,000 product lines which are available for next day delivery. For more information about SIRAI products, please contact a member of our technical team on 01234 832 832, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

For maintenance tips read our blog: Sirai Solenoid Valve Maintnance Tips

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