Valpes Electric Actuators

Zoedale have been the UK distributor for Valpes Electric Actuators for over 25 Years 

A major part of the Valpes product success can be attributed to the high standards that they have set in R&D, manufacturing, testing and aftersales service. All Valpes electric actuators are manufactured, assembled and tested at their plant in Moirans, France, which allows complete control of product quality and performance. All actuators are 100% tested before despatch to ensure electrical and mechanical conformity and are also inspected during the actuator assembly process. 

Valpes has significantly expanded its electric actuator product line and now offer the ER Range in both Premier (IP65) and Plus (IP66) models from 10Nm to 100Nm. The V Range (IP68) completes the Quarter turn offering with torques up to 2500Nm.  

On/Off, Positioning, Failsafe and ATEX models are available across the Valpes Quarter Turn range. 

The MT Multi turn actuator provides IP68 solutions from 25Nm to 75Nm for rising and non rising stem applications. 

Valpes electric actuators also offer an extensive line of additional options including complete Aluminium housing, Marine coating, Third Position stop and now Bluetooth Connect, Control and Check systems via the AXMART App. 

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