Valpes ER Plus Electric Actuator - IP66 (10Nm - 100Nm)

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The Valpes electric actuator ER Plus (covering ER10 ER20 ER35 ER60 and ER100 product codes) is an IP66 rated modulating, quarter turn electric actuator, available in torques of 10 Nm, 20 Nm, 35 Nm, 60 Nm and 100 Nm. Available with the Valpes Bluetooth Communication Module.

The Valpes ER Plus electric actuator (covering ER10 ER20 ER35 ER60 and ER100 product codes) is an IP66 rated quarter turn electric actuator, with a PA6.6 housing which achieves UL 94 V0 standards. It has a secured manual override and it is available in torques of 10 Nm, 20 Nm, 35 Nm ,60 Nm and 100 Nm. It is built in accordance with CE-ROHS-REACH standards and with a self regulating anticondensation heater. Available in Failsafe and Modulating/Positioning and 3 Positions.

This model is now available with the Valpes Bluetooth Communication Module - enabling a secured connection and communication with the actuator(s) whether visible or not and even when concealed. A fantastic local control device option! See here for more information. 

This Valpes Electric Actuator ER Plus covers the following product codes:

Standard range   Long operating   Failsafe standard   Failsafe long 
    time range   range   operating range
ER10.X0A.G00   ER35.93A.G00   ER10.X0A.GS2   ER35.93A.GS2
ER10.X0B.G00   ER35.93B.G00   ER10.X0B.GS2   ER35.93B.GS2
ER20.X0A.G00   ER60.93A.G00   ER20.X0A.GS2   ER60.93A.GS2
ER20.X0B.G00   ER60.93B.G00   ER20.X0B.GS2   ER60.93B.GS2
ER35.X0A.G00   ER100.93A.G00   ER35.X0A.GS2   ER100.93A.GS2
ER35.X0B.G00   ER100.93B.G00   ER35.X0B.GS2   ER100.93B.GS2
ER35.90A.G00       ER35.90A.GS2    
ER35.90B.G00       ER35.90B.GS2    
ER60.90A.G00       ER60.90A.GS2    
ER60.90B.G00       ER60.90B.GS2    
ER100.90A.G00       ER100.90A.GS2    
ER100.90B.G00       ER100.90B.GS2    
POSI range   3-position   3-position long    
    standard range   operating time range    
ER20.X3A.GP6   ER10.X0A.GF3   ER35.93A.GF3    
ER20.X3B.GP6   ER10.X0B.GF3   ER35.93B.GF3    
ER35.93A.GP6   ER20.X0A.GF3   ER60.93A.GF3    
ER35.93B.GP6   ER20.X0B.GF3   ER60.93B.GF3    
ER60.93A.GP6   ER35.X0A.GF3   ER100.93A.GF3    
ER60.93B.GP6   ER35.X0B.GF3   ER100.93B.GF3    
ER100.93A.GP6   ER35.90A.GF3        
ER100.93B.GP6   ER35.90B.GF3        
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